The Ripple Effect in Action

Our employees take an active role in more than 100 community and charitable initiatives. Some would call what we do “giving back.” That’s not how we see it.

We see it as “receiving.”

Here’s how that works. At The Bagg Group, we are in the business of people. At the end of every day, after placing candidates successfully, we are in the wonderful position of knowing we’ve contributed to the wellbeing of individuals. And happier people make for happier families and communities.

All of us who work at The Bagg Group recognize the positive ripple effect of a successful placement. It’s what motivates us every day. And it changes how we see the world.

Our extensive philanthropic activities aren’t what we do to help – they are what help us to confirm that we all have the power to make our lives and our communities better.

We are proud to be acknowledged for our volunteerism within and beyond our industry. We are delighted to have been granted two ACSESS Community Service Awards. In turn, we’ve awarded more than 20 deserving HR students in need a Bagg Group Sponsored HRPA Scholarship.

It is true that our emphasis on community service takes time, effort, and money. Our community initiatives are largely employee-driven and typically The Bagg Group matches employee fundraising dollar-for-dollar.

But it is equally true that when it comes to return on investment, we are far and away the winners. Community service lets us cheer, collaborate, and contribute to such extraordinary organizations as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the James’ Fund for Cancer Research for Sick Children, Gilda’s Glub, the CIBC Run for the Cure –to name but a few. Meanwhile, The Bagg Group CEO Geoff Bagg has travelled to Africa and Central America to lend his expertise to organizations, in between building homes and schools.

On any given day, Bagg Group employees punctuate their conversations with news about their volunteer efforts and interests. This gives us yet another way to support each other, in this case through helping with each other’s causes and fundraising goals.

To put it simply, community service is in our DNA. We’re grateful for it. Because the way we see it, what we do for others shows who we really are.