What the Bagg Group Stands For.

The Bagg Group of Companies lives its values of transparency, integrity, fairness and respect. We have built our success, and continue to grow, based on our trademark ethics, our exceptional customer service, our active listening to both clients and candidates and our agility in offering expert, expedient, innovative staffing solutions that meet client needs. If you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy temp agencies in Toronto, Southern Ontario, or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, let us be your long-term partner. We recognize that however strategic and quick our response to needs, ultimately it is quality of our candidates that enables optimal productivity and results. Therefore, we are committed to seeking placements that go beyond delivering skills to matching the values of candidates with the culture of clients.

Our Vision: Be the leader in search and resourcing services by continually evolving, creating growth and providing the best client, candidate and employee service.

Our Mission: To lead the search and resourcing industry by providing the best service that positively impacts our clients, candidates, employees and company.

Our Values:  First and foremost, we believe people are an organization’s most important asset.  We uphold that creating positive, supportive workplaces that enable people to reach their potential leads to engagement, benefitting not only organizations, but families that make up our communities.

We are committed to:

  • Respecting the intrinsic value of our clients, candidates and employees
  • Developing long-term relationships
  • Open and honest communication
  • Active listening
  • Service excellence
  • Personal integrity
  • Motivation to serve
  • Recognize and embrace change

Ethics being paramount to our organization, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of all personal information we obtain from our clients and candidates. Additionally, we ensure strict adherence to the Ontario Human Rights Code and all additional applicable legislation. Our ethics and integrity shine through in the way that we do business, and this has allowed us to become one of the leading temp agencies in Toronto, Southern Ontario, the Greater Toronto Area, and beyond. To learn more about our staffing and employment services, contact us today!