A Message from Geoff Bagg

Geoff Bagg Welcome to The Bagg Group website.  In this About Us section, I hope you will get a sense of how we think and how we work.

As for all companies — and for all candidates — the marketplace is highly competitive. To succeed nowadays, we all need to identify what makes us truly different – and lead with our unique strengths.

Our difference — in two words:  Family business.  We started as a family business, and though we have expanded to now include five thriving sector-specific divisions, we’ve stayed true to our roots.

Work, for us, continues to be personal. We never lose sight of the fact that people’s lives are affected by how they feel about their work. Happy, engaged, productive employees make for happier employers, families, and communities.

We know what we do has an important ripple effect.  This inspires us to learn more about our clients and candidates, to stretch farther, to be more innovative, to brainstorm to come up with creative, smart staffing options for clients and more opportunities for candidates.

The workplace has changed a great deal since my father began the company 40-plus years ago.  It used to be the norm for people to remain with the same company until the age of 65, for example. But that was then.

Today, we still place people in full-time positions who stay with their employers until retirement.  But overall, there’s much more movement than in the past.  As such, more companies now use contingent workers to meet important needs.

As for retiring at 65, that’s no longer a given.  Meanwhile, young people, shaped by their unique generational experience, are seeking to find their place, and their voice, in a confusing economy.  Add to that the trend for people to switch careers several times in the course of their working life.

Some would call these difficult times.  However, I’ve been tracking changes in the workplace long enough to consider these challenging but exciting times.  I am an optimist — and for good reason in view of the innovative ways The Bagg Group is addressing today’s realities.

The workplace will continue to rapidly shift and evolve.  And we will continue to evolve in-step, delivering smart staffing solutions designed to help companies thrive and create more positive opportunities for candidates.  That’s my personal commitment.

Geoff Bagg
Geoff Bagg
President & CEO