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Kudos to Bagg @ Your Service for taking up our unique staffing challenge, to help us make an unusual and logistically demanding assignment into a tremendous success!

Here’s how B@YS contributed to the success of this high-profile event: They recruited terrific Brand Ambassadors to promote the event, as well as Witnesses with the right skills and personality to monitor the participants, closely and in good spirit. They also supplied dedicated Supervisors to monitor the Witnesses. B@YS worked with our team to ensure the staff were well trained and oriented prior to the start of the event.

B@YS was an enthusiastic supplier we could count oin from the get-go. This assignment included many unique components and regulations that B@YS had not encountered previously, however, they provided an across-the-board superior service that spoke to their professionalism, initiative, and organization.

We recommend B@YS for your challenges. We would not hesitate to engage them for future projects.

Bagg @ Your Service – an enthusiastic supplier!

One of our leading clients in the financial services sector sought our services to fulfill two full time sales support roles. We not only filled two roles, a third role was filled due to the high quality of candidates presented by our Relationship Manager. All our Relationship and Staffing Managers have a minimum of five years recruitment industry experience; they are all passionate about their chosen careers and leverage their wide network of candidates to identify the best talent to present to our clients. When partnering with a staff member from Bagg Professional, you truly work with a PROFESSIONAL.

Bagg Professional

I applaud Bagg @ Your Service, a division of The Bagg Group! I chose to give them an opportunity to prove themselves in 2012, before they became a preferred vendor, and we were all very impressed with how B@YS helped us meet our staffing requirements onsite for our client. After speaking/meeting with Jennifer Menard and the team, I was immediately reassured that they were more than eager, dedicated and capable to fulfill our wait staff and kitchen staff positions. My requests are always received and answered within minutes and proper follow-up and execution is consistently delivered.

I am very satisfied with the service and quality I’ve received and continue to receive. Jennifer and her team represent their brand, their company and my team very well throughout the year for various events.

I would highly recommend giving Bagg @ Your Service the same opportunity I did. You won’t be disappointed. They’re considered a great business partner of ours and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Bagg @ Your Service – Client

Recently, one of our long-standing publicly traded clients emailed one of our Staffing Managers at 5:57 a.m. on a Monday morning to indicate that their receptionist was sick. By 6:15 a.m., the temporary receptionist was identified by our Staffing Manager. The very satisfied client had a receptionist that morning that started at 8:30 am without disruption to service. Our staff are engaged and agile. The utmost in client satisfaction is a key hallmark of our service.

Bagg Professional

I’d like to thank you for all the work opportunities you’ve given me and for the professional work ethic. I have, on many occasions, told friends and coworkers how great of a company The Bagg Group is – extremely professional, organized, and well respected. I am truly amazed at how smoothly everything runs and the level of qualifications all the employees have. The staff is carefully selected and one can expect skilled coworkers to work with at all times. After working with Bagg @ Your Service in several hospitality & event positions, I was chosen as the Candidate of the Year for my hard work and dedication. I was extremely proud, and I will always continue to put 110% in every work opportunity I am given. I am very pleased to have represented Bagg @ Your Service and I have, and will, recommend the company anytime.

I had nothing but positive experiences and I enjoyed every assignment!

Bagg @ Your Service – Candidate