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Job Interview Tips from Bagg Group Recruitment Guru

Jackie Chua, head of Bagg Professional, is one of Canada’s most respected recruitment gurus, with 35 years of expertise. Recently, in an interview with Sauga 960 AM, Jackie offered invaluable advice for those looking for work in the GTA and across Canada.  We’ve captured just 5 of her tips below.  To hear Jackie’s entire interview,… Read more »

8 Subject Line Tips When Looking for Work

As anyone looking for work in the GTA or anywhere in Canada knows, it can be a tough challenge to figure out what to write in the subject line of your email.  After all, it doesn’t matter how great your cover letter and resume are if no one opens your email to see them. The… Read more »

Looking for work? 8 ways to get luckier

Looking for work, a new opportunity or an interesting contract? Good luck with that. We say that because our expert recruiters at The Bagg Group know you have power to increase your luck to find employment you’ll love. Research shows some people have more luck looking for work than others. But it’s not by chance…. Read more »

Easy networking tips to beat winter blues

We’re almost there.  We’re coming to the final leg of one of the worst winters in recent history.  And the Bagg Group recruiters offer this advice to anyone who is looking for work or a new career in any part of Canada:  Don’t let the dreary winter blues defeat you now! We know weather significantly… Read more »

Insider Info: Your Success Plan for 2019

Want to know how to excel in getting a job or a promotion in 2019? Jackie Chua, General Manager of Bagg Professional, and one of the Canada’s leading recruiters, offers this surefire way to impress: Look at what’s in your toolbox — and add to it.    You’ll see tips for how to do this below,… Read more »

Resume white lies. Do they matter?

Padding your resume? You might call it an embellishment.  Or a harmless white lie. But recruiters at The Bagg Group, and hiring managers everywhere, call it something else. We call it a deal-breaker. Studies show many people feel fibbing on a resume is similar to illegally downloading music  — does anyone really get caught?  Aside… Read more »

Rethink: Job-hunting is about giving, not just finding

When looking for a job opportunity, a promotion, to make a career change, or to make new contacts — many of us feel all we can do is work on our resume, our interviewing skills, ask, and hope we get what we’d like. But the expert recruiters at The Bagg Group have a unique suggestion… Read more »

Waiting for an email from recruiters? Read this

Waiting is hard to do.  And we’re getting worse and worse at it. We are so used to getting results NOW that asking any of us to be patient is like, well, expecting us wait for a web page to slowly load. As if. About 32% of us will give up on a slow-loading page… Read more »