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Job hunters: What not to wear in a heat wave to a job interview

In the summer, recruiters at The Bagg Group sometimes have to walk a fine line. For 47 years, we’ve been matchmaking between people and companies. And why do we win awards for creating so many happy relationships?  Because we listen deeply to clients and candidates about their experience, skills, interests, hopes, likes, dislikes, and values…. Read more »

The Job Hunter’s Guide to BBQ Season

Heard this before? “You want cheese on that burger, and hey, how’s the job hunt going?”In BBQ season, hamburgers aren’t the only things being grilled.  Anyone looking for a job in the GTA, or Canada, can count on being grilled this summer by well-meaning friends, family, neighbours. At The Bagg Group, we get you. We’ve… Read more »

Job-hunters: Do less. Seriously.

When it comes to sending out resumes, here’s what the experts at The Bagg Group want you to know.  Quality matters more than quantity. Many job seekers believe the best way to land a job interview is to upload the same one-size-fits-all resume to as many places as possible. Their strategy is to press send,… Read more »

What I should have said … in my job interview

At The Bagg Group, we know this can happen.  You interviewed for –let’s say — a sales position. The interviewer asks, “Have you ever led a team?”  You answer, ‘Well, not really.” Later you wonder, why didn’t I mention that I’d taken the lead on many department-wide initiatives. Or the interviewer asks, “Do you have… Read more »

Don’t have summer job yet? Don’t panic

May’s here and you don’t have a summer job lined up?  Read this before panic sets in around the kitchen table at home. At The Bagg Group, we get what it’s like to be a student on the lookout for work.  We’ve worked with thousands as temps over the years.  And of course, we were all… Read more »

Could your phone cost you a job?

Some things are just irresistible. Our smartphone is one of them. Most of us are drawn to our screens like moths to a flame.  Studies show we don’t even realize how often our eyes rove to to look at our all powerful rectangle. Glancing at our phones is the new normal.  That’s why it shocks… Read more »

Can you be too early for an interview? Oh yes!

“There is no such a thing as early, there’s on time and late.” That’s what comedian Chris Rock said his father taught him. Chris Rock’s father was clearly not a recruiter. If he was, he’d know you really can be too early. Arriving way ahead of time to an interview, or any meeting, can work… Read more »

Too old to get hired? Nope

If you’re a baby boomer looking for a job, with relevant up-to-date skills, know that you’re still in the game. We know older job-seekers worry about ageism affecting their chances.  About 50 percent of older job-seekers say they feel there’s a bias in favour of younger candidates, according to surveys. A newly released Australian study found almost… Read more »

Blooper therapy for job-hunters

At some point, every one of us has clicked send — and then caught the typo. You’re not alone if you’ve ever walked out of an interview and asked yourself during the elevator ride down if you should run back into the interviewer’s office and change an answer to a question you blew?  (By the… Read more »