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What you must know about temping

Thinking of temping?  If so, you’re part of an important growing trend. Across North America, temporary work is on the rise versus full-time work. And there’s no sign of that slowing down. Today, it’s standard practice for temporary placements to be factored in as part of a company’s staffing plan.  Certain organizations, or divisions, want to be… Read more »

Wait, what? and other essential questions for success

The latest employment statistics are the best they’ve been in two years. Canada’s unemployment rate now sits at 6.6%. We’re thrilled with this good news – it’s a sign of optimism. And optimism fuels expansion. But for those among the 6.6% unemployed, CEO of The Bagg Group, Geoff Bagg, wants to remind them of this: Don’t think of… Read more »

Your social media profile can knock you off a shortlist

Hoping for new job or promotion?  Then be sure to pause before you post on your social media networks, even if your privacy settings are on. We know that through shares and retweets, posts and pictures can easily show up on the radar of someone thinking of hiring or recommending you.  And how you express yourself online, and what your pictures… Read more »

7 smart strategies to be heard at a meeting

In the spirit of the Women’s March on Washington, we are sharing some of the best practices to help everyone get their voice heard — in the workplace. At The Bagg Group, we’re all about promoting happiness at work.  We know that when you’re in a meeting, and for whatever reason, you don’t get acknowledged when you speak, it hurts.  No surprise… Read more »

Back to the Future – Jobs of 2027

Futurist Thomas Frey got a lot of press when he predicted that 60 percent of the best jobs ten years from now have not been invented yet. But we don’t think it’s really all that surprising a prediction.  At The Bagg Group, we’ve been filling new kinds of jobs, in all sectors, throughout our 45-plus year history. So… Read more »

The Worst Ever Cover Letters … Don’t Go There

We know you want to write the perfect cover letter. We also know that sometimes when you set the bar super high, the task can seem too overwhelming to attempt. Seeking perfection can paralyze. That’s why we’re excerpting some of the worst ever cover letters, collected by Jessica Liebman, managing editor of Business Insider Magazine. We hope… Read more »

A different kind of interview with Geoff Bagg

Since Geoff Bagg took over as president of the The Bagg Group in 2000, he’s grown the business so that today it encompasses five thriving divisions. He credits the steady expansion to a dedicated staff who share his passionate belief that people who are happy at work make for happier workplaces, happier families and happier communities. The company logo even… Read more »

The surprising power of the voice

It might be ironic but …  Hillary goes low and Donald goes high – with their speaking voices, when talking to large audiences. That’s the finding of Dr. Rosario Signorello who studies how politicians change their pitch and volume to attract voters. A low-pitch is associated with calm Signorello observes Clinton’s voice often gets deeper as she nears the end… Read more »

Guess what cover letters and goldfish have in common

Our average attention span is 8.25 seconds. After that, our intense concentration drops off. The average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds. What’s our point?  That nowadays, you need to write a cover letter as if it’s for a goldfish with attention disorder deficit.  We’re joking, of course. But …. The Microsoft study  Microsoft… Read more »