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Flashback to Graduation Day

There’s something to be said for looking back to figure out how you want to move forward. As commencement seasons wraps up, how about revisiting the day you graduated from your last place of learning? Truth is most of us probably can’t recall much of the speaker’s words of advice as we sat restless in our… Read more »

This summer, try a jobcation

This summer, if your full-time job is looking for job, consider a jobcation. You’ve heard of a staycation where you spend your holiday exploring your city.  Our version of a jobcation is also about exploring close to home – by taking temporary work that may be different than what you are used to. Here are our top… Read more »

A different kind of interview with Jackie Chua

Meet Jackie Chua, one of the foremost experts in recruitment in Canada, head of Bagg Pro and an active member of The Bagg Group leadership team. Jackie, like all who work at The Bagg Group, believes that people’s ideas, values, experiences, as well as their skills, matter.  All five divisions of The Bagg Group envision a… Read more »

Need to win someone over? Listen to your voice

  How you sound is how you feel, according to a new study that is being hailed as a breakthrough. You may ask, what’s all the fuss is about?  It seems a no-brainer to deduce that if you’re screaming in anger, you may be feeling… ? Let’s take a wild guess and go with angry. However,… Read more »

Wait, what?! 9 surprises about admin professionals

Everyone wants in. We all want to be part of an inner circle. And whatever their actual title, many who work as administrative professionals hold a key. They are the gatekeepers, the caretakers of the corporate world, the trusted right hands, the prized organizers. As we mark Administrative Professional Day on April 27, all of… Read more »

Want to get ahead? Listen to your waiter

Next time you go to an event, look around at those working it.  Whether they’re front or back of the house, or brand ambassadors — they’re on the front lines, helping shape your experience, from the time you arrive to the time you leave.  When they do their job well, your memories of the occasion are better.  Should they mess… Read more »

How to get the Halo Effect

Have you ever met someone and instantly decided they’re brilliant, before even having an in-depth conversation? Or sat in a meeting and noticed everyone snaps quickly to attention when one particular colleague speaks, for no objectively good reason. You’re likely witnessing the “halo effect”.  It’s a phenomenon behavourists identified more than a century ago. And its… Read more »

Parents, park your helicopters say recruiters

  For recruiters everywhere, helicopters are starting to report in — fast and furious. It’s the beginning of the hovering season. Parents are contacting recruiters to inquire about job possibilities for their new grads or for their kids’ summer. They want to learn more, clarify, instruct, and help. At The Bagg Group, we understand well-intentioned… Read more »

When is early too early to arrive at a job interview?

“There is no such a thing as early, there’s on time and late.” That’s what comedian Chris Rock said his father taught him. Chris Rock’s father was clearly not a recruiter. If he was, he’d know you really can be too early. Arriving way ahead of time to an interview, or any meeting, can work… Read more »

The surprising news about trust

Next time you’re at a café or on a bus, look around and ask yourself, “Who would I trust here?” You’ve got 1/10th of a second to decide. If that seems impossible, research from Princeton University suggests otherwise. The study found 373 people looked at pictures of faces and rated their trustworthiness instantly –in milliseconds…. Read more »