Music to job hunt by

Keeping up your spirits and energy are key to moving forward when looking for new work opportunities or a promotion. But if you haven’t had a win in a while, our expert recruiters at The Bagg Group understand that it can be hard to rev up.  Luckily, we have a trick to share with you. In two… Read more »

Must-know tips for managing your reputation

 In a recent blog, we suggested you take a second look at your profile picture to see if it passes The Bagg Group test. Now, we have another test to help you manage you reputation as you search for new or different work opportunities. This time  — enter your name in search engine.  What comes up?  Click on everything… Read more »

8 questions for when eyes are on you

Call it muscle memory, but we all get that “new year” feeling in September. Even if we’ve left the classroom behind years ago, the “back-to-school” buzz seems to kick in, no matter our age. And the pressure is on to start off on a new page. It’s great to harness that energy to rev up… Read more »

If you hate networking, here’s why

What “ location, location, location” is to real estate, “network, network, network” is to job-hunting. About 44% of opportunities happen via networking. We all know we have to do it, but the truth is a lot of people would rather have root canal surgery. A group of professors from Harvard and University of Toronto decided to… Read more »

The Job-Hunter’s Guide to BBQ Season

Heard this before? “You want cheese on that burger, and hey, how’s the job hunt going?” In BBQ season, hamburgers aren’t the only things being grilled. Job-hunters get grilled too by well-meaning friends, family, neighbours. At The Bagg Group, we get you. We’ve earned many awards thanks to candidates who give us top scores for… Read more »

Hospitality Open House this Week!

A big, big THANK YOU to everyone who helped Bagg @ Your Service and our clients make the Pan Am Games a success on the staffing side of things! We look forward to sending more of our great employees out to work at the upcoming Parapan Am Games! In other new: B@YS is hosting an open house this week… Read more »

8 unexpected ways to make your own luck

Hoping for a better opportunity or an interesting contract? Good luck with that. And we say that because all of us at The Bagg Group know you have the power to increase your luck. Read on to learn how. Research shows that some people have more luck than others, but that’s not by chance. Luck happens when you act… Read more »

What you should know about temping

There are lots of good reasons to consider working as a temporary employee while looking for full-time job, or if you’d like flexibility around when you work.  The top 5 reasons to temp Make some money. Grow your network of contacts. Get your foot in the door at different companies. Keep your skills up-to-date and sharpened…. Read more »

How to take the room – in one easy step

Sometimes it’s the small thing you never think about that can make a big difference when you’re interviewing for a job, a promotion, or networking at an event. And that thing is ….the way you walk. Believe it or not, with every step we make, we’re making a powerful impression that can work for or… Read more »