Students,don’t panic! 5 reasons why not

June’s here and you don’t have a summer job?  Read this before panic sets in around the kitchen table at home. At The Bagg Group, we get what it’s like to be a student on the lookout for work.  We’ve worked with thousands as temps over the years, and continue to do so.  And the 60,000-plus… Read more »

What’s a word worth in a resume? A lot

You’ve heard it here before, skimming is the new reading. So want to know how to slow a reader down when they’re looking at your resume? You’ve come to the right place. At The Bagg Group, we’re known for our expert eye. When we look at resumes, we do it through the eyes of our clients… Read more »

Role play your way to a revised resume

Every job comes with some tasks that you really wish you didn’t have to do. The job of looking for work is no exception. And one of the activities job-hunters dislike the most? If you do it, you’ll know it … customizing your resume for every position you apply for. Not much fun, time-consuming, #rather not…. Read more »

How to handle a pessimist in the elevator

In past blogs, we showed you how to build your flash story, also known as an elevator pitch, and how to deliver it. We recommend you share the story far and wide. But just as with any prescription, there’s always a possible side effect. A risk that that can be a setback for you —… Read more »

How to deliver an elevator pitch with confidence

Want to know the secret to delivering a great elevator pitch? Read on, we’ve got a few that could surprise you. The Bagg Group has been around for more than 40 years. In that time, we’ve successfully placed about 60,000 people in full-time, temp and contract work. One reason why we’re so good at making… Read more »

How to create fastest elevator speech ever

In past blogs, we looked at how the pursuit of your goal gives you a great story to tell about yourself. This time, the challenge is to tell your story about what you want, and why in a flash – literally. (And if you think you can’t tell a lot in a flash: Check out the… Read more »

How to Push Through Brick Walls

The Bagg Group Follow-Through Factor Challenge continues with The Bagg Group career coach Gene Hayden, author of the internationally acclaimed The Follow-Through Factor: Getting from Doubt to Done.   Your last challenge was to think of the pursuit of your goal as a story you want to tell. Every story is really the tale of… Read more »

Take the Next Step in The Bagg Group Challenge

The Bagg Group Follow-Through Factor Challenge continues with The Bagg Group career coach, Gene Hayden. Last time you picked one goal that you can make happen, without counting on anyone else.  And you figured out what you’ll say when you achieve your goal, and what you’d say if you didn’t. This time:  We’re stepping it up.  We’re asking you to think… Read more »