Want to ignite the Gen Y workers on your IT team? Look to Apple for insight. Or do we look at this from the perspective of the Industrial Age?

I am regularly asked by my clients for advice on hiring, managing, and promoting an exceptional type of employee who just won’t play by the traditional rules. I am speaking of course about Millenials, also known as Gen Y (born 1982ish-1998ish).   Just wait for Gen Z! There are mixed reviews on Millennials. I find that… Read more »

Hot Jobs 2014

With Toronto being considered the 2nd hottest I.T. Job Market in North America, Computing Canada recently interviewed Joanne Boucher from Bagg Technology Resources.  Looking at what is considered hot in 2014, check out this article: Hot Jobs 2014: Trends like big data and mobility are influencing the context of IT jobs, but core skills are still… Read more »

Bagg Technology Resources – Where is “Data” taking us in this Year of the Horse?

2014, according to the Chinese Zodiac, is the Year of the Horse.  For those in IT, the horse looks much like big unstructured data and the year ahead is likely to be taken up with how to build the right stable to effectively house it.     Recently, I have sat in numerous conference rooms where… Read more »

Bagg Technology Resources: Decision Making and 8 Key Questions

Last month we looked at the trend towards “Back-sourcing”. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a training session presented by Luda Kopeikina. Luda holds two Masters Degrees (one from MIT) and has completed her Ph.D thesis in computer science, as well she has “real world” experience having worked in a number of  VP roles… Read more »

Bagg Technology Resources: “Backsourcing” What is the trend here?

There is a phenomenon called the “paradox of choice.”  It argues that though we want many options, in the face of a large number of possibilities we tend to make decisions more impulsively, or not at all. In other words, too much choice prompts us to be reactive rather than strategic.  And that can be… Read more »

Ten Tech Skills Heading the Way of the Dinosaur

IT is a very fast changing industry – what is hot today may be a tiny niche market in only a few years and vice versa… To keep up and stay employable, it is important to see what is happening and be prepared for what is coming. See what the experts over at Global Knowledge… Read more »

Bagg Technology Resources: The position of CMTO is the way of the future

Forward thinking business strategists say they have seen the future – and it looks like digital marketing on steroids.  This comes as no surprise, even to those without a crystal ball. Those who track current trends anticipate by 2020, if not earlier, much of traditional marketing will have gone the way of the floppy disc…. Read more »

Bagg Technology Resources Blog – The 3 most popular time-saving practices of IT leaders

As the dog days of summer heat up, much of the GTA is slowing down, with one in five employees on vacation at any given time.  But it’s no holiday at the office for IT teams who may have to shoulder more of the workload while unit colleagues are at the cottage.  Even in summertime,… Read more »

Bagg Technology Resources Blog — Time to Put Burnout on the Agenda

A CIO once told me that he’d like to create a new program to be called 24.2 – an upgrade that would give us more hours in a day.   He lamented that our current 24-hour system is greatly out of date for the work realities of those in his field. True enough, for most in… Read more »