Role play your way to a revised resume

Every job comes with some tasks that you really wish you didn’t have to do. The job of looking for work is no exception. And one of the activities job-hunters dislike the most? If you do it, you’ll know it … customizing your resume for every position you apply for. Not much fun, time-consuming, #rather not…. Read more »

Take The 2015 Bagg Group Follow-Through Factor Challenge

A new year, a clean slate.   Maybe you didn’t do everything you had hoped to do last year, but January is about starting fresh.   So this January, reboot by taking The Bagg Group Follow-Through Factor Challenge to be sure to make a goal happen. If you’re a job hunter, maybe you want to … Get… Read more »

Our favourite resume bloopers

As you look back on your job search efforts over the year, you might have a reason or two to slap your forehead. Don’t worry.  Everyone always does. Maybe you didn’t spot the typo on your cover letter for a copy-editing job. Or blanked out when the interviewer asked where you studied. And you can be… Read more »

The Job-Hunter’s Wish List for Santa

It’s the most reflective time of the year – for employees and job-hunters alike. It seems there’s something in the air around now that triggers our instinct to look back over our shoulder at the year that was. And then to look ahead, and draw up a wish list for Santa for the year to… Read more »

Catch ‘em while you can: Top online writing tips

As we blogged recently, skimming is the new reading.  Now, we offer top tips for how to write for those who scan the text on their screens. Whether you’re drafting a cover letter, a note to get an informational interview — or anything you want to someone to actually read — keep these tips top-of-mind…. Read more »

Good to know – skimming is the new reading

Skimming is the new reading.  It’s good to know when writing a cover letter, follow-up note, info interview request, or anything else you email. In fairness, people really do have great intentions to read attentively. But something happens to us online.  We get distracted –by the many other things we must and/or want to look… Read more »

A note about Thanksgiving for job-hunters

Going into a thanksgiving weekend, you may feel like taking a pass on turkey this year if you haven’t yet found a work opportunity that you are thankful for. But don’t. For one thing, catching up with family or friends gives you a chance to tell people who have your back about what you’re looking for. Damian Zikalis… Read more »

7 things job-hunters need to know about subject lines

You’ve pasted your covering letter into the email.  You’ve attached your resume.  Finally,  you are ready to hit ‘send’.  But not so fast!  You still have about six important words left to write.  It is these words that can get your email noticed, or deleted, in a flash. The subject line!  So much depends on… Read more »