Take the Next Step in The Bagg Group Challenge

The Bagg Group Follow-Through Factor Challenge continues with The Bagg Group career coach, Gene Hayden. Last time you picked one goal that you can make happen, without counting on anyone else.  And you figured out what you’ll say when you achieve your goal, and what you’d say if you didn’t. This time:  We’re stepping it up.  We’re asking you to think… Read more »

Good to know – skimming is the new reading

Skimming is the new reading.  It’s good to know when writing a cover letter, follow-up note, info interview request, or anything else you email. In fairness, people really do have great intentions to read attentively. But something happens to us online.  We get distracted –by the many other things we must and/or want to look… Read more »

7 things job-hunters need to know about subject lines

You’ve pasted your covering letter into the email.  You’ve attached your resume.  Finally,  you are ready to hit ‘send’.  But not so fast!  You still have about six important words left to write.  It is these words that can get your email noticed, or deleted, in a flash. The subject line!  So much depends on… Read more »

Candidate-Recruiter Relationship Counselling: 12 Tips for a Happy Connection

This year’s relentless winter has left many Canadians with a major case of the blues.  Every winter, about 15 out of 100 of us get hit with weather-induced doldrums, aptly known as SAD (seasonal affective disorder), according to studies.  But this year, experts say more are suffering from SAD as spirits plummeted with the temperatures…. Read more »

Beware of 5 most common words used in interviews, warns Bagg Group

Sometimes words come into play that are so unique they jolt us to attention. Take ‘Twitter’ for example. When it launched in 2008, when someone mentioned Twitter, others listened. But soon enough, even the most unusual words lose their impact if they’re overused. By 2009, ‘Twitter” had become the number one most popular new word,… Read more »

What to do when an angry candidate posts on your company’s Facebook page

Some people are really sore losers.    It’s a fact of nature – as was proved in recent Yale University study.  The Yale research looked at how apes response when things don’t go their way.  Sure enough, they go….ape. Interestingly, the researchers found the apes had the biggest tantrums when they realized they made a wrong… Read more »