Want to impress? Write plain and simple, say The Bagg Group experts

Whether you’re looking for a full-time job, contract work, or temporary placement, you’ll need to write marketing materials that sell you. These include resumes, covering letters, and perhaps a profile which sums up your experiences and interests.  Likely, you’ll need to rewrite these many times.  Typically, you must customize these documents to every job posting. … Read more »

Tips from The Bagg Group on what to do 2 minutes before your interview to wow the interviewer

What you do in the two minutes before your job interview could help you get the job. That’s the finding of Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy, a leading expert in body language. People who spend just two minutes standing or sitting in a high power position before they enter the room are more likely… Read more »

In Interviews, talk twitter, urge The Bagg Group experts

It’s amazing how much impact 140 characters can have. The latest example of their power became apparent during the first US presidential debate.  A few minutes after President Obama mentioned his late grandmother, a tweet was sent on the @KitchenAidUSA twitter feed that suggested Obama’s grandmother purposely died days before his presidency. The tweet went… Read more »