The Bagg Group experts share great questions to ask at an informational interview

“Getting out there” is key for anyone seeking a job in the GTA. That means, meeting with people, making contacts, and connecting with those in your field. And informational interviews are a terrific way to achieve all three things in one 20-minute coffee chat. One conversation with someone in your line of work who can share tips… Read more »

A job-hunt is good reason to brush up on public speaking skills say The Bagg Group experts

You’ve heard it often – to be competitive in the job market you need to make sure your skills are up-to-date and finely tuned.  And there’s no better time than during a job-hunt to brush up on your public speaking and presentation skills, advise the experts at The Bagg Group.  Whether you’re looking for a… Read more »

The Bagg Group Highlights the Extraordinary Power of the Pen

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s the little things that count.”  And in the workplace that applies as much as anywhere else.  The proof?  A full 61% of Canadians said that a handwritten personal note of praise has more value than any other form of communication, according to a recent study by Bic Inc. The… Read more »

When Interviewees Talk too Much, The Bagg Group Experts say Interrupting is Doing Them a Favour

Interruptions are a fact of everyday work life. Between incoming email, texts, phone calls and a colleague stopping by for an impromptu chat, interruptions take up 28% of a knowledge worker’s day.  That’s the finding of a study by the US research firm Basex which also reports that interruptions cost US companies $28 billion in… Read more »

Interview experts at The Bagg Group warn that second-hand rudeness can scare off great candidates

Picture this: An IT manager and his boss are interviewing a promising candidate.  As the manager provides some background on the IT department, his boss rolls her eyes and says, “For heaven’s sake, get to the point, nobody has all day to listen to this.”    And with just that one sentence, a good candidate may… Read more »

The Bagg Group Offers Secrets to Interviewing Gen Y Candidates

?  A recent Belgian survey of 1,200 employees says loud and clear what many just mumble about …working alongside people from other generations can be irritating. The study conducted by a recruitment firm in Belgium found that 48% of employees are annoyed by colleagues of another generation.  People over 30-years-old showed a greater frequency of… Read more »

The Bagg Group Recruiters say Trend in GTA Echoes Findings of New US Survey on Employee Restlessness

One-third of the workforce has been hit hard by spring fever this year.  At the end of March, the insurance provider MetLife released its ninth annual Employee Benefits Trends Study.  While the survey polled US organizations, the findings highlight trends that are sweeping across all of North America. Restlessness is happening in Ontario as much as… Read more »

Staffing Experts at The Bagg Group, and Science, Say the Best Thing an Interviewer Can Do is Take a Coffee Break

Sitting in a meeting with a group of people around a table can be intense, but it doesn’t match the intensity of a one-on-one job interview.  People who interview candidates with regularity know how much energy and focus it takes to listen intently to assess whether the job seeker’s aptitudes and approach are the right… Read more »