Ask a Recruiter: I worry that I talk too much in any interview situation. But I feel I have to take the opportunity to say as much about myself as I can. Am I wrong?

If the only voice you’re hearing is your own, then you are likely talking too much. But you’re not alone in gabbing more than you should. According to a US survey, 36% of recruiters believe the biggest mistake job applicants make is talking too much in an interview. It’s understandable. Many candidates believe a job… Read more »

Ask A Recruiter: I like to leave funny messages on my answering machine. I believe my messages may give recruiters a welcome laugh. Am I wrong?

Leave a silly message on your machine and that click you hear may be the sound of a recruiter hanging up on you. Recruiters make dozens of call a day, so they don’t have the interest, or time, for anything but a message that gets right to the point. Besides, while some people may laugh… Read more »