Take the Next Step in The Bagg Group Challenge

The Bagg Group Follow-Through Factor Challenge continues with The Bagg Group career coach, Gene Hayden. Last time you picked one goal that you can make happen, without counting on anyone else.  And you figured out what you’ll say when you achieve your goal, and what you’d say if you didn’t. This time:  We’re stepping it up.  We’re asking you to think… Read more »

9 reasons why now is right time to learn new language

It’s cold out, and you didn’t get the promotion or the job.  So what better time than now to think South America, Paris, Beijing, Moscow, Berlin, Cairo, Tokyo. The possibilities are endless. Travel to any of these places, particularly the warmer ones, may sound so appealing right around now.  But for most of us, it’s just not… Read more »

The Bagg Group’s 4 key questions to kick-start September

For most, September feels more like the start to a new year than January.  Blame it on the harvest moon, or blame it on our memories of filing into new classrooms with pencils perfectly sharpened.  Whatever the reason, we can’t shake the expectation that we are about to have new experiences. And as much as… Read more »

The Bagg Group welcomes the new national standard for psychological health at work

Every employer wants people who are energetic, high-achievers, dedicated, tireless workers.   Certainly, people who declare themselves strict clock-watchers don’t get to the top of anyone’s shortlist. At The Bagg Group, we work with small to large clients in all industries.  We screen our candidates to ensure they’ve got the drive and flexibility to be positive… Read more »

Geoff Bagg on Biz TV – 5 Tips to Great Recruiting

This just in: Biz Tv has now posted the second business expert ‘Guru Gab’ capsule with Geoff Bagg. The segment, entitled ‘5 Tips to Great Recruiting,’ can be found right here for your viewing pleasure. At The Bagg Group, we have placed almost 60,000 people successfully in our 40+year history. We’ve recruited people for full-time work, contract… Read more »

Top 4 Reasons Employees Quit – How to Hire Staff who Stick

Here are four top reasons from recruiter.com why employees quit, alongside corresponding actions recruiters can take to discourage these things from happening. …upon knowing these top reasons for employees leaving it becomes clear that there are real steps that recruiters can and should be taking to not only hire staff well, but to hire staff… Read more »