A different kind of interview with Geoff Bagg

Since Geoff Bagg took over as president of the The Bagg Group in 2000, he’s grown the business so that today it encompasses five thriving divisions. He credits the steady expansion to a dedicated staff who share his passionate belief that people who are happy at work make for happier workplaces, happier families and happier communities. The company logo even… Read more »

The Job-Hunter’s Wish List for Santa

It’s the most reflective time of the year – for employees and job-hunters alike. It seems there’s something in the air around now that triggers our instinct to look back over our shoulder at the year that was. And then to look ahead, and draw up a wish list for Santa for the year to… Read more »

Catch ‘em while you can: Top online writing tips

As we blogged recently, skimming is the new reading.  Now, we offer top tips for how to write for those who scan the text on their screens. Whether you’re drafting a cover letter, a note to get an informational interview — or anything you want to someone to actually read — keep these tips top-of-mind…. Read more »

Good to know – skimming is the new reading

Skimming is the new reading.  It’s good to know when writing a cover letter, follow-up note, info interview request, or anything else you email. In fairness, people really do have great intentions to read attentively. But something happens to us online.  We get distracted –by the many other things we must and/or want to look… Read more »

How to job-hunt when you’d rather be canoeing

Looking for a job is always a challenge, it’s especially tough to stay dedicated to your goal in the month of August when you feel as if everyone else is canoeing. At The Bagg Group, we know vacations matter.  It helps to take a break from work – never getting a break from routine can zap your… Read more »

Geoff Bagg On the Real Impact of the Unemployment Rate

Recently, Bagg Group CEO Geoff Bagg spoke on SunTV about what the latest unemployment numbers from Stats Canada mean for employers and job-seekers in Canada. While May was what economists called a “jaw-dropping” month with an increase of 95,000 new jobs, most of them full-time, June was anti-climatic. The unemployment rate stayed exactly where it… Read more »

8 Things You Should Know When Hiring Temps

Nowadays, the number of companies hiring contract workers and temporary employees is skyrocketing. Geoff is featured once again on Biz TV’s Guru Gab segment this week unraveling misconceptions and providing helpful pointers for hiring temporary staff. Please take a moment to watch the segment right here and keep these tips in mind when hiring your… Read more »

Hone your consultant skills

“It can take a while to land the right full-time position, and in that time, job seekers need, and should, stay active. The smart job seeker will look for contracts and consulting possibilities to keep them engaged in the workforce, build networks, and make money.” Geoff was interviewed recently by Sun Media on contract work… Read more »