‘Tis the season to send holiday cards. Job hunter tips

With holiday music in the air, are you singing,  It’s starting to feel a lot like … time to wrap up my job-hunting activities for the holidays? The experts at The Bagg Group say hold back on that tune. If you’re looking for job opportunities anywhere in the GTA or Canada, don’t put looking for… Read more »

What’s a jobcation? Great examples here

You’ve heard of a staycation where you spend your holiday exploring your city.  Our version of a jobcation is also about exploring close to home – by taking temporary work that may be different than what you are used to. Our top 5 reasons for a jobcation: Temp work is a chance to earn some extra… Read more »

How to job-hunt when you’d rather be canoeing

Looking for a job is always a challenge, it’s especially tough to stay dedicated to your goal in the month of August when you feel as if everyone else is canoeing. At The Bagg Group, we know vacations matter.  It helps to take a break from work – never getting a break from routine can zap your… Read more »

What did you learn from your worst summer job?

Like most of us, Geoff Bagg, CEO of The Bagg Group, has survived his fair share of tough summer jobs. He remembers one in particular as the worst mostly because he thought it would be a dream job and it turned out to be a downright drag. As a student, Geoff couldn’t believe his luck… Read more »

The Bagg Group’s top 3 ideas for an easy office party that will build community

Are you gearing up for your holiday party about now?  If so, you’re in good company.   A recent survey of more than 3,800 HR professionals in the US shows 70% are committed fans of the annual festive blow-out. While all recognize that our festivities are an investment, 50% believe it’s good for business to hold… Read more »

Study shows delegating is good for people, note The Bagg Group experts

Think you’re stressed this holiday season? According to latest research, you are probably breathing easier than those who report to you. Studies say those who are short on time and heavy on responsibility certainly have lots on their mind. They aren’t free from worry, but they also have a sense of control that keeps anxiety at… Read more »