Back to the Future – Jobs of 2027

Futurist Thomas Frey got a lot of press when he predicted that 60 percent of the best jobs ten years from now have not been invented yet. But we don’t think it’s really all that surprising a prediction.  At The Bagg Group, we’ve been filling new kinds of jobs, in all sectors, throughout our 45-plus year history. So… Read more »

OPEN HOUSE for Hospitality & Event Staff!

OPEN HOUSE for Hospitality & Event Staff! Mondays to Fridays until March 31, 2016 9:00am – 2:00pm daily 372 Bay Street, Suite 2100   Bagg @ Your Service, the Hospitality & Event service line at Bagg Inc., is currently looking for enthusiastic and energetic people to work for various special events throughout the year! Shout… Read more »

Our favourite resume bloopers

As you look back on your job search efforts over the year, you might have a reason or two to slap your forehead. Don’t worry.  Everyone always does. Maybe you didn’t spot the typo on your cover letter for a copy-editing job. Or blanked out when the interviewer asked where you studied. And you can be… Read more »

The Job-Hunter’s Wish List for Santa

It’s the most reflective time of the year – for employees and job-hunters alike. It seems there’s something in the air around now that triggers our instinct to look back over our shoulder at the year that was. And then to look ahead, and draw up a wish list for Santa for the year to… Read more »

The secret to writing a follow-up note

After an interview, do you or don’t you send a follow-up note? That’s a question recruiters at Bagg Professional, Bagg Technology Services (BTR), Bagg Managed Resources, Bagg @ Your Service, and Turn Key Stafffing Solutions are often asked.  Do we think it’s worth it to “bother” sending a follow-up note? In a word, YES. Surveys… Read more »

Does age matter? Research may surprise you

Sometimes our youth can come back to bite us.  Baby boomers invented the catchphrase,  “Never trust anyone over 30” when they were young. Today, older job-hunters say they feel the sting of those words. Age discrimination is against the law.  Still, surveys show 50% of older job-seekers feel hiring managers are significantly biased in favour… Read more »

Geoff Bagg On the Real Impact of the Unemployment Rate

Recently, Bagg Group CEO Geoff Bagg spoke on SunTV about what the latest unemployment numbers from Stats Canada mean for employers and job-seekers in Canada. While May was what economists called a “jaw-dropping” month with an increase of 95,000 new jobs, most of them full-time, June was anti-climatic. The unemployment rate stayed exactly where it… Read more »