The Job Hunter’s Guide to BBQ Season

Heard this before? “You want cheese on that burger, and hey, how’s the job hunt going?”In BBQ season, hamburgers aren’t the only things being grilled.  Anyone looking for a job in the GTA, or Canada, can count on being grilled this summer by well-meaning friends, family, neighbours. At The Bagg Group, we get you. We’ve… Read more »

Missing extra daylight? Try this

Daylight savings hits on November 5. And with it, more often not, a personal energy crisis. Until we adapt, the shorter days can throw a wet blanket on the enthusiasm needed to search for full-time work or a new opportunity. At The Bagg Group, we’ve been actively listening to job candidates for more than 46… Read more »

Unusual Businesses Born of Flights of Fancy

Long weekends are made for flights of fancy. And that can be a very good career move. Letting your imagination wander is scientifically proven to boost innovative thinking.  And that’s especially true for those who want to make changes to their work life. A daydream is often triggered by the question, “What if?” At The… Read more »

How To Work When You Really Don’t Want To

It’s sunny, it’s summer and there’s so much you should be doing — but you just can’t seem to get to it. Maybe you have a project to complete, it’s not a priority but it needs to get done. Or you want to update your resume and cover letter.  And you really should be sending out emails… Read more »

9 reasons why now is right time to learn new language

It’s cold out, and you didn’t get the promotion or the job.  So what better time than now to think South America, Paris, Beijing, Moscow, Berlin, Cairo, Tokyo. The possibilities are endless. Travel to any of these places, particularly the warmer ones, may sound so appealing right around now.  But for most of us, it’s just not… Read more »

The Best Way to “Just Keep Moving Forward.”

Sometimes the best advice is the simplest. Business gurus, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and scientists have all been quoted as insisting that when nothing is happening for you, the smartest thing you can do is just keep moving forward. Great words to live by, and especially to job-hunt by. When you’re in waiting mode, when nobody… Read more »

How to job-hunt when you’d rather be canoeing

Looking for a job is always a challenge, it’s especially tough to stay dedicated to your goal in the month of August when you feel as if everyone else is canoeing. At The Bagg Group, we know vacations matter.  It helps to take a break from work – never getting a break from routine can zap your… Read more »

The Bagg Group’s top 3 ideas for an easy office party that will build community

Are you gearing up for your holiday party about now?  If so, you’re in good company.   A recent survey of more than 3,800 HR professionals in the US shows 70% are committed fans of the annual festive blow-out. While all recognize that our festivities are an investment, 50% believe it’s good for business to hold… Read more »

Can’t come up with a good Linkedin post? Head to a café

There is a time for everything.  And the grey days of November may be the best time for job-hunters to head to the nearest coffee shop with free wifi. According to science, setting up office in the hustle and bustle of a café can help you stay positive and be more creative than working alone,… Read more »