How to Prep for an Online Job Interview

It doesn’t matter if you live just around corner from a potential employer, nowadays many hiring manager choose to conduct first interviews with job hunters screen-to-screen, rather than face-to-face. It’s not that surprising.  Recruiters at The Bagg Group explain that Skype, Google Hangout,  GoTo Meeting, Facetime etc., have simply replaced the audio call that many… Read more »

12 must-do tips for Skype interviews from the Bagg Group experts

Nowadays, you can expect that some of your interviews for a job won’t be face-to-face, but screen-to-screen. A growing number of companies are conducting interviews online.   Once upon a time, employers would bring out-of-town candidates to their offices – but that practice has gone the way of cheap gas and big expense budgets. Now, to… Read more »