Job hunters: What not to wear in a heat wave to a job interview

In the summer, recruiters at The Bagg Group sometimes have to walk a fine line. For 47 years, we’ve been matchmaking between people and companies. And why do we win awards for creating so many happy relationships?  Because we listen deeply to clients and candidates about their experience, skills, interests, hopes, likes, dislikes, and values…. Read more »

What’s a jobcation? Great examples here

You’ve heard of a staycation where you spend your holiday exploring your city.  Our version of a jobcation is also about exploring close to home – by taking temporary work that may be different than what you are used to. Our top 5 reasons for a jobcation: Temp work is a chance to earn some extra… Read more »

TTC ambassadors tell great stories

Here’s what an unusual part-time job in the GTA can look like: Learning new dance steps in slow times, playing guessing games with kids, helping harried people from around the world find their way – and getting them to smile back. It’s all in day’s work for the TTC ambassadors.  They’re the more than 300 people,… Read more »

Be part of Toronto’s scene this summer — by working it

Toronto ranks as one of the best places in the world to live. And in July and August, we’re also one of the most fun. A great way to be part action is to work the events that make this the place to be – especially in summer. Upbeat, enthusiastic teams from Bagg @ Your Service will… Read more »

A hidden source of power- your jacket

In the summer, recruiters at The Bagg Group sometimes have to walk a fine line. Here’s what we win awards for — matchmaking.  It’s been 45+ years that The Bagg Group recruiters have been in the business of making happy relationships between people and companies.  And how do we do this?  We talk (or rather, we listen) to clients… Read more »

A different kind of interview with Jackie Chua

Meet Jackie Chua, one of the foremost experts in recruitment in Canada, head of Bagg Pro and an active member of The Bagg Group leadership team. Jackie, like all who work at The Bagg Group, believes that people’s ideas, values, experiences, as well as their skills, matter.  All five divisions of The Bagg Group envision a… Read more »

Wait, what?! 9 surprises about admin professionals

Everyone wants in. We all want to be part of an inner circle. And whatever their actual title, many who work as administrative professionals hold a key. They are the gatekeepers, the caretakers of the corporate world, the trusted right hands, the prized organizers. As we mark Administrative Professional Day on April 27, all of… Read more »

Want to get ahead? Listen to your waiter

Next time you go to an event, look around at those working it.  Whether they’re front or back of the house, or brand ambassadors — they’re on the front lines, helping shape your experience, from the time you arrive to the time you leave.  When they do their job well, your memories of the occasion are better.  Should they mess… Read more »

Parents, park your helicopters say recruiters

  For recruiters everywhere, helicopters are starting to report in — fast and furious. It’s the beginning of the hovering season. Parents are contacting recruiters to inquire about job possibilities for their new grads or for their kids’ summer. They want to learn more, clarify, instruct, and help. At The Bagg Group, we understand well-intentioned… Read more »

Students,don’t panic! 5 reasons why not

June’s here and you don’t have a summer job?  Read this before panic sets in around the kitchen table at home. At The Bagg Group, we get what it’s like to be a student on the lookout for work.  We’ve worked with thousands as temps over the years, and continue to do so.  And the 60,000-plus… Read more »